About Us

"If I had someone to help me I would..."


One day I was in my apartment talking to God about different things I was going through. “You know God i wanna be able to help people because i know what it's like to not be helped and not get the assistance that you need.” I started journaling things that I wanted to do to assist. I would say “If I had someone to help me I could…" From those journal entries, God gave me an idea that combined all those things into what we now know as The HelpMe Foundation! 

In My Lifetime...

on more than one occasion I needed help and I always said that I would help people when they needed help so they know that there is help out there and resources available to them. There’s always a way to help and sometimes people don’t know how to do things (resume, young mothers).

~ Founder - Stephanie Hill


Our Mission Statement revolves around FAITH

Fulfill our destiny to help those in need.

Apply our knowledge /abilities to help overcome adverse situations.

Invest time, heart, mind and soul in meeting the needs of the people in our city. 

To help others rise above trying situations.

Helping to build and edify one another.

The Help Me Foundation was started out of the heart to give back. We strive to help uplift any displaced person to become self sufficient and have a fresh start.


Partner with us as we strive to provide for the immediate needs of our community. 

Other Ways To Give